How AI Can Automate Your Real Estate Wholesaling Business

 Real estate wholesaling can be a time-consuming and tedious process that requires constant communication and follow-up. As a wholesaler who wants to scale the business and free up your time, you might want to consider using AI to automate some of the tasks involved.


AI, or artificial intelligence, is the ability of machines to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as understanding language, recognizing patterns, and making decisions.

AI can help you automate your real estate wholesaling business in several ways, such as:



By using AI to automate your real estate wholesaling business, you can save time, money, and energy that you can use to focus on other aspects of your business or personal life. You can also increase your productivity, efficiency, and profitability by closing more deals in less time. AI can help you grow your business without sacrificing your quality of service or customer satisfaction. 

Examples of how we at Help Grow Sales & Answer Sales Calls use Smithers, and AI-based call and chat agent, to help automate business needs.


MeetSmithers is an AI system that can handle phone calls for busy professionals. Smithers is our main AI used by our company to help grow your company! It can greet callers, answer questions, schedule appointments, and more. It can also transfer calls or send summaries via email or text. Smithers is easy to set up and use, and can integrate with your existing software and systems. Smithers can save you time and money, increase your productivity and customer satisfaction, and grow your business. You can monitor and manage your calls through a dashboard, where you can see analytics, reports, feedback, and more. Visit our website or call us today for a free trial. Smithers is the smartest way to handle your phone calls.


Now what if you also need better handling of your sales closing process? Smithers can also help salespeople optimize their sales process and increase their closing rate. It uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to analyze and qualify leads and prospects based on their conversations. It can also send personalized messages, reminders, offers, and incentives to nurture and follow up with them. It can also schedule appointments, demos, and calls for them. Smithers helps salespeople save time and energy by filtering out the low-quality leads and prospects who are not ready to buy. It also helps them focus on the high-quality ones who are more likely to convert. Smithers is the ultimate bot for salespeople who want to sell more and make more money.


Most businesses have heard of needing marketing funnels to help draw focused attention from prospective buyers. But most landing pages are too busy looking to capture the attention of the prospect. Smithers can replace your landing page with a personalized and interactive conversation. It uses natural language processing and machine learning to understand your visitors' needs and preferences, and to provide them with tailored information and guidance. Smithers can help you generate leads, sell products, book appointments, or collect feedback. Smithers has increased the conversion rate, saved time and money on customer service, and improved the visitor experience for many businesses. You can easily create your own chatbot with the intuitive drag-and-drop interface and integrate it with your favorite tools. With Smithers, you can turn your landing page into a powerful conversion machine that works 24/7 for you.


So as you can see, Smithers automates your real estate wholesaling business. It can handle calls, texts, and emails from sellers and buyers, qualify leads, schedule appointments, send offers, and close deals. It can also find the best match between sellers and buyers, based on their needs and wants. Smithers works 24/7, integrates with your tools, and saves you time and money. Smithers is your virtual assistant and partner in wholesaling. Visit our website or call us today to learn more and get a demo of MeetSmithers!


If you are interested in learning more about how AI can automate your real estate wholesaling business, contact us today at & We will show you how our innovative software can help you take your wholesaling business to the next level.