Smithers Testimonial 

How Smithers Saved My Sanity as a Personal Trainer 

As a trainer, you know how valuable your time is. You want to spend it helping your clients achieve their fitness goals and improve their health and well-being. But you also know how frustrating it can be to deal with prospects who are not really interested in your services. You know, the ones who ask you countless questions, but never take action, never sign up, never show up. 

I wasted so much time with these people. I had good intentions and wanted to work with clients who are serious about working out with me: those who are committed and motivated, who are ready to invest in themselves and into my program. I seemed to be finding a lot of window shoppers, but few who were interested in anything more than a casual conversation. It sucked the life out of me. I want those hours of my life back. 

The impact was far deeper than it seemed. It was much more than a “numbers game.”  

My time is valuable, and I know my worth. I grew increasingly weary of allowing it to be squandered. Never again will I know the frustration and exhaustion on a visceral level of getting caught up in unproductive conversations that absorb time that I don’t want to give. The reason I did it was because I thought I’m here and I’m ready to strike while the iron is hot. The problem is that it was barely even lukewarm. 

At some point I either had to use the bathroom so badly I felt like I was going to break, or I was so far past hungry that I wanted to pass out. That is where I would find a moment to interject as soon as they came up for air something like, “It’s been awesome getting to know you! Let’s schedule a time meet.”  

Enter one excuse after another. 

This week is out. Next week I have company. The week after I’m going on vacation. My grandkids are starting school, so that’s not a good time. I almost forgot it’s my dog’s quince años. How much is it? Oh, I have to think about that. I’ll call you when things settle down. 

Translation: forget it. 

Today is an entirely different story. I got Smithers to do my vetting for me. Now I give out a link to my landing page that includes a Let’s Chat option where they can ask questions and book an appointment. Smithers asks them everything I need to know to determine how interested they are in taking the next step. While that is happening throughout the day, I’m free to work on my business as my calendar fills itself!  

I was able to get Smithers set up in less than an hour, and immediately put him to work! Now I have better boundaries and choose to spend my time with the clients who show up, do the work, and pay on time. My day is fun again. My passion is restored! I look forward to each new day as a fresh opportunity to make a difference.  

If you are a trainer who wants to save time and find fantastic clients, you need to check out Smithers at Trust me, you will be amazed by what Smithers can do for you. Don’t wait, visit the MeetSmithers webpage today and see how Smithers can add time to your day and appointments to your calendar.  

Turn frustration into joy in just a few clicks!