Script Genius X 

 Great Scripts = Great Prospects 

If you want to attract more customers and grow your business, you need to have a compelling sales pitch that speaks to the needs and desires of your target audience. But how do you craft a sales pitch that works for different types of prospects and situations? The answer is to use a sales script.

A sales script helps you:

However, not all sales scripts are created equal. You can't use the same script for every prospect and expect to get the same results. You need to tailor your script to suit your target audience, their pain points, and their goals.

Script Genius is our proprietary tool we use to create a sales script that works for different types of ads and commercials. We'll provide your team some great examples of effective sales scripts that you can use as inspiration.

Identifying your product or service

Its best to market your high-ticket services and products to the ideal audience. This helps to reduce the overall costs associated with marketing and ad spend. Our team will help you identify the value proposition that best captures the attention of your audience.

Specifying your target audience

Demographics, psychographics, challenges, goals, and motivations are key here. Each audience deserves a separate script and landing zone. We will work with you to make sure to properly target each of your key customers.

Developing your benefits

Once you know what you are selling and who you are selling to, benefits are the positive outcomes or results that your customers will get from using your product or service. We will help you break down the bullet points your company offers specific to the target audience. With Script Genius, we get to the core of what drives your customers to open their wallets by fully understanding the "why".

Linking your benefits to pain points

The "Why" is easy for your customer to understand when we connect your benefits to the pain points or problems that your target audience is facing. Pain points are the negative emotions or situations that your customers want to avoid or overcome. We will narrow down the top 5 pain points with strategic Q/A.

Ask questions about those pain points

VQuestions are powerful tools that can help you engage your prospects, uncover their needs, and position yourself as a trusted advisor. Our scripts will include questions around the pain points that get the customer thinking about how they have been held back without your team's help.

Create the perfect Ad

We then send the polished and approved script through our AdsMax platform to get the perfect ad created. Are you ready to let our team give you the perfect pitch to gain traffic to your sales teams?